Monday, April 3, 2017

Top 5 Cleaning Necessities for Moms!

#5 Swiffer WetJet- Somehow chidren seem to get floors dirty just by looking at them. Swiffer is a quick & easy way to get things cleaned up in a hurry. It sprays perfectly & seems to lift the dirt from the ground! Best of all, no buckets of dirty water!

#4 Clorox Bleach – Yup the food old fashioned bleach. You will use it more than you ever thought possible. Every sickness that comes through your house will leave you wanting to bleach your world!

#3 Lysol Wipes – Once a child is about 3 years old they can start helping clean and Lysol wipes put them to good use. My daughter has always loved washing down the tables, counters & whatever she could reach! No pesky spray to worry about her trying to use. Lysol wipes for the win!

#2 Bissell Deep Clean Essential Carpet Cleaning System – This Carpet Cleaner is amazing! It is quick to use, easy to transport up & down stairs and comes with all the extensions, nozzles and heads you could need to get things clean. All parents know that children eventually will do there 3 things to your floors: spill on them, pee on them and puke on them. Keeping a carpet cleaner in the house makes everything so much easier!
****Use the carpet cleaner with Babyganics Floor Cleaner to avoid harsh chemicals in some other cleaners!

#1 Magic Erasers – Child write on the wall? Magic Eraser! Toy got dirty? Magic Eraser! Stain on the vanity? Magic Eraser! If a child can draw or it or dirty it, the magic eraser can usually save you!

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