Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CoCo Key Danvers at DoubleTree Boston North Shore

CoCo Key Danvers at DoubleTree Boston North Shore

I have to start by saying I have been to a CoCo Key before. I went to the old one in Connecticut about 5 years ago, so it had been a while but I had high expectations because I really enjoyed it the first time. This trip it was myself, my mother, my daughter(age 7) my son(age 2) and my nephew(age 12). We stayed in the attached DoubleTree Boston North Shore on a package that included 2 nights and our waterpark passes for 2 days.

First I will discuss the DoubleTree. I worked for hotels for about 5 years so I have pretty high expectations. This hotel went above & beyond. The rooms were immaculately cleaned & beautifully designed. The lobby was stunning, the staff were very helpful & the food from the restaurant was delicious. I had the flatbread pizza, my mother had the steak tips & the children had kids meals. Not a complaint from any of us!

Now for CoCo Key. It was a COLD Massachusetts weekend. The coldest of the year so it was BUSY. Luckily we got there early & got a table with plenty of space for our belonging. Note they do not have high chairs so if you have a little one that may need one I recommend bringing a travel chair with you. There are 5 main sections of the park. The kid's section was aimed for toddlers, they were very strict that no big kids could go down the toddler slides & it was a nice gradual entrance for the little ones. Next was what we call "the island" it was a play center with slides, water canons & a giant bucket that would dump regularly. This was busy but lots of fun for the kids. It was surrounded by a lazy river which was very enjoyable when kids weren't being crazy & pushing. Then there were the 4 big slides. These were covered slides(2 tubes and 2 non) that went outside the building all around & dumped out in an indoor pool. I didn't try it, but the big kids LOVED it. Next there was a pool with basketball hoops & a lilypad course. This was Dawns favorite by far! And lastly, there was the adults only hot tub, that was my favorite! All the areas were pristinely clean and the lifeguards were amazing. They were laser focused on safety. Also in CoCo Key was a bar area & a snack bar. We ate the food there twice(both times it was delicious & affordable) The kids enjoyed some virgin drinks at the bar one day while I was in the room with PJ for his nap.

Overall, I couldn't be more happy with this location. It was an amazing trip, lots of fun & not one complaint about the staff, facilities, etc.