Saturday, September 30, 2017

Review #109: Insect Repelling Wristband

Insect Repelling Wristband
This insect repelling wristband is a great little accessory to keep around in the summer. We purchase about 10 of them at the beginning of every summer so we always have one around. They are perfect for older children who know not to put them near their mouth. They last for about a week, so you can reuse them over and over. We use them for hiking, afternoons at the beach, picnics, etc. They repel against gnats, no-see-ums and mosquitos. Overall, they are a staple for summer in our house!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review #108: Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks

Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks
The Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks Shape Sorter is one of those toys that you feel like every child should have. My 2-year-old son has been behind developmentally for fine motor skills, so we purchased this shape sorter to help with those skills. I was amazed that even though he had some issues the first day, it kept his attention. By day 5 he was able to sort all the blocks correctly and would empty it after to do it again and again. It's a wonderful classic toy that proves that sometimes basic toys are all you need to entertain a child. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Review #107: Suave Kids Conditioner

Suave Kids Conditioner

My 7-year-old daughter has beautiful long curly hair down to her butt. She loves it, except when it gets tangled. Luckily we found Suave Kids Conditioner when she was 3. She cannot wash her hair without using conditioner. This product has saved many an after-pool tangled mess. And it even smells really really good! The only downfall, it is not all natural. Overall, I would recommend this to any family with children with long or tangly hair!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Review #106: Suave Kids Shampoo

Suave Kids Shampoo
We have been using Suave Kids Shampoo for my children for quite a few years now. We love how easily it's found and how affordable it is. It also comes with fun characters on the bottle and in fun scents. However, we will probably stop using it soon if we can find a brand that works for us, as we are trying to switch to all natural body products and this product is not. Overall, it is a good product and has done of well for quite some time. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Review #105: Melissa & Doug Hide and Seek Wooden Activity Board

Melissa & Doug Hide and Seek Wooden Activity Board
Melissa & Doug puzzles never let me down and the Hide & Seek puzzle at my in-laws house is no different. We purchased this over a year ago for my son to use when visiting his grandparents. Nanny says its always his favorite and he sits and plays with it for up to 30 minutes every time he is over weekly. Today was the first time in a long time that I had a chance to see him play with it. He really does love it. Beneath each door is a magnetic piece that belongs in the door. He loved finding the coordinating piece for each door. It is lots of fun over and over. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review #103: Kidoozi Garden Fresh Fruits & Veggies

Kidoozi Garden Fresh Fruits & Veggies
My daughter always loves playing with Kidoozi garden fresh fruits and veggies. They are super fun to pretend with since you can "cut" them and "peel" them as they are made in velcro attachable pieces. Each piece is made with so much detail. The peach has the pit on one side, the orange cuts into 4 pieces & peels, and the banana peels like a real banana. The kit even comes with a toy knife and an adorable canvas garden fresh bag!

Organizing a “Home Base” for the School Year

 Organizing a “Home Base” for the School Year

With the start of every school year I find myself overwhelmed with how to organize everything. There are homework papers, classroom newsletters, school memos, fundraisers, party invitations, spelling words, etc etc etc. The list seems to be never-ending. Over the summer I came up with the idea to use our fridge as our “home base” since that seems to be where everything ended up anyways. My next project was figuring out what tools Id need to make this work. After a trip to Target and lots of brainstorming, I have come up with a system that is really working for our family.

The 4 major components. - Each component has a magnetic fridge frame to hold the papers & keep them from falling off the friend

#1 Notes from School. This is an 8.5x11 frame that holds any general notes about picture day, fundraising, etc.

#2 Homework. This is the 2nd 8.5x11 frame and it holds our weekly homework assignment sheet & a weekly checklist her teacher sends home.

#3 Spelling Words. This is a 4x6 frame. Each Monday I write down her spelling words & put them in the frame to practice. Our method of “continuous studying” means that every time she opens the fridge, she must say & spell a spelling word, then move her marking magnet down to the next one for the next turn.

#4 Invites. This is the 2nd 4x6 frame and it holds any upcoming party invitations. 

Other fun features. The “Home Base” and any other frame can also work as dry erase boards. I like to jot down any special messages for the next few days on the relevant section to make sure we remember. We also have a ColorfulCreationsCC Notes to school Magnet. This magnet makes morning notes so much easier! Each frame is decorated with some scrapbooking sticker letters to keep it labeled appropriately, we also added some fun magnets we had to make the whole this look more fun!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Review #102 GB Qbit+

GB Qbit+

We received the GB qbit+ a few weeks ago in exchange for a review. Immediately upon opening the box, I was in awe of the beautiful Capri Blue color. It took less than 2 minutes to assemble and it was very simple. The stroller folds up incredibly compact and can even stand up when folded. Some of the things I love about it, however, are the little details such as the strap covers which attach by elastic to the plastic adjustment pieces to keep them in place. There is also a little lip on the back of the storage basket to keep things from coming out and brakes that only need to be applied to one wheel to activate on both rear wheels. The biggest feature that sets this stroller apart from any I have ever seen is the giant canopy. It is beyond amazing. Overall, I am happy to have this stroller in our lineup and excited to continue using it regularly.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Review #101: Replay Snack Stackers

Replay Snack Stackers
I love any type of snack container that protects the snacks from turning into crumbs while in the diaper bag. After trying many different brands that would either dump out in the bottom of the diaper bag or end up crushed, I purchased a replay snack stacker. Now it is a staple in our diaper bag. Easy to fill, never leaks, and can be stacked with more sets for more snacks or longer days. Also, like all replay products, it's made from recycled milk jugs making it better for the environment. Overall, it's a wonderful product that we love to have around!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Review #100: Sage Spoonfuls Reusable Food Pouch

Sage Spoonfuls Reusable Food Pouch
We were so excited to get these reusable food pouches from Sage Spoonfuls and the Guidance Guide last week! It has been crazy hot here over the last week so we made some fruit slushies to help keep my son cool. To say he loved them is an understatement. The pouch was easy for him to hold, even right out of the freezer. There are two tabs on the top corners that do not affect the contents when being held. It was very easy to fill, with a strong zipper-like closure. They are even dishwasher safe, so we were able to toss them in for a quick clean. Overall, they are wonderful products we are happy to use again and again!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review #99: Baby Greeters Pacifier Clips

Baby Greeters Pacifier Clips
I purchased our first Baby Greeters Pacifier clip with our first set of Tula accessories. Baby Greeters was happy to make it in a matching fabric for me and I was instantly hooked. Since then I have owned at least 5 different ones. They have a strong metal clip on one end and an elastic loop on the other. They use super thin elastic, which is wonderful because it doesn't bother the baby's face. I have had some of our clips now for over 2 years & they are still wonderful and sturdy!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Donating Hair to Wigs for Kids

Donating Hair to Wigs for Kids

About 6 months ago, Dawn started talking about wanting to cut her hair and donate it. Her biggest concern was that she wanted to make sure it would still be long enough to pull back when she wanted it back so we decided to wait until after the summer was over. Over that 6 month period, we researched different donation companies and their requirements. Dawn made a pro & con list for each company and decided on donating to Wigs for Kids for multiple reasons. Dawn is a Brownie for the Girl Scouts of America, so she was very excited to learn that Wigs for Kids and the Girl Scout have a collaboration that any active girl scout who donated earns a special badge. Dawn also really liked that all the wigs are given to kids, and not only kids with cancer but also kids with other hair loss conditions such as alopecia. The only downfall was that each wig costs $1800 to make, even if the recipients do not pay for them. This point just made Dawn a bit more motivated and she has also added a fundraiser to go with her donation to help offset part of the cost of one wig.

Today was donation day, Dawn was very excited but also very nervous. She has had incredibly long hair for as long as she can remember and she honestly loves her hair very much. However, the kind and giving little girl she is, she was determined to donate her hair. She didn’t show any real signs of nerves until we arrived at the hair salon. She was incredibly shy and quiet but would nod at me with approval when I asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted to do. After a bit of measuring and adding of elastics to the top end of the iconic braids, the hairdresser quickly cut off her braids and laid them on her lap. Dawn's initial reaction looked like she may start to cry, but with one reminder from the hairdresser about how happy she is making another little kid, she was all smiles. They then finished cutting her hair and styled it with a braid crown and a bow. She was able to pick a toy out of their treasure chest and we were on our way home.

On Monday, we will mail her braids to Wigs for Kids with her Girl Scout paperwork. In about a month she will receive her donation badge and a thank you letter from Wigs for Kids. In the meantime, she will continue to share her story and hopefully inspire others to do the same because it takes over 20 donations to make a full wig for a child!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Review #98: BapronBaby

Bapron Baby

BapronBaby baprons are owned by one mom who had the amazing idea to improve upon the typical baby bib, specifically for baby led weaning toddlers and babies. The design is simple with large holes for the arms and a simple tie behind the back. My two year old HATES bibs of any time. The tightness around his neck makes him go into a sensory meltdown but this bapron was a winner. He had no problem putting it on and left it on for the entire meal. Its so light & loose I think he actually forgot he was wearing it. However, I did not forget. Especially when it came time to clean up and his entire body wasnt covered in mac & cheese! The owner is wonderful and even sells adult and child aprons too!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review #97: Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon
We love this radio flyer wagon! Not only is it perfect for family photos but big sis loves pulling her brother around the neighborhood in it. Only downfall is that the classic wagon does not have any seatbelts, so you need to be careful with younger(or daring) children. Made of metal, this is one of those products that will stand the test of time!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Review #96: Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper
My son loved this door jumper when he was just about to start walking. I loved that it was something easy to bring to grandparents houses. There is a very strong spring clamp to attach to the doorway, a spring for bouncing, an extra padded seat and even some toys to keep him entertained. It's really easy to change the height too!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Heritage Museum and Gardens

This summer our family invited to visit Heritage Museum and Gardens. This location is a little piece of beauty on Cape Cod. It is popular with locals and tourists and it is like nothing else I have ever seen. Despite living only 20 minutes away, I had never been before this summer, therefore I was very excited to get a chance to go and review it to share with you all!

Upon entering there is a museum with antique cars. PJ loves cars, so this was awesome for him. He loved checking out all the old cars and definitely loved the one you can climb on. The staff on site were all wonderful at explaining about the cars and the entire location. 

As you then walk down the path toward the gardens, there is a large sign helping you identify what flowers are in season and where they are located. There is also a cafe with food and alcohol for sale. Beyond that, we found a fun little garden maze and the beautiful lighthouse!

Round the corner on the paved walking trail and you will find the most breathtaking view of a man-made waterfall into a beautiful lily pad pond with frogs and turtles. The kids loved running on the large field leading up to it.


Next, down the path, we found a garden walkway with some local artist exhibits and a wonderful bench to relax. Only a few steps further down the path was a water fountain and the most beautiful hydrangeas.

We then headed through more stunning flowers, all labeled, to the carousel. Carousel is included in admission and there was no wait, allowing the children to ride until their heart's content. From the museum near the carousel, you can see down to Heritage Hidden Hollow. 

The Hidden Hollow is a child's dream. With a giant tree house, blocks, building sets, pretend kitchen, art center, and even an outdoor amphitheater with dress up costumes for the children to pretend to put on shows. 

On our way back we passed the labyrinth, a path around the lake and even a large stage where shows are held. We stopped for lunch on our way out, the food was wonderful! Overall, we cannot wait to go back and look forward to many more visits!

Thank you, Heritage Museum and Gardens for the complimentary passes!