Sunday, April 30, 2017

Review #36 Nuby Flip and Tip Hard Straw Cup

Nuby Flip and Tip Hard Straw Cup

The Nuby Flip and Tip Hard Straw Cup was my daughters favorite from about 2 year old to 5 years old. This cup is a straw cup which is very easy to clean. It is leak proof with is perfect to go to daycare or preschool. My daughter also liked bringing these to her dance classes and soccer games as they looked like a water bottle but still had the ease of a sippy cup.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review #35 Playtex VentAire

Playtex VentAire

The playtex VentAire bottle was the only bottle that worked for my daughter, who was very very gassy. The anti-colic vent bottom helps vent the air as the baby drinks, keeping the air from mixing with the formula and getting to the belly. The angled design helps with flow and is very easy to hold. The bottle comes in multiple sizes and colors for all preferences. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Our Love Letter to Target

Dear Target,

Like most moms, I am in love with your store. From the Starbucks, to the big red balls, cartwheel, the red card, the pristine cleanliness, the floor game near children’s clothing and the amazing products, you have won me and my kids over. A trip to target is like a weekly field trip. I have my cartwheel loaded & my list written and somehow I always buy way more than I intended. However, I have one giant request, on behalf of moms everywhere; please please please revamp the family bathrooms!

Since Target is one of the cleanest stores out there, and I’m usually there for over an hour, we tend to have to do a diaper change or a potty break during most visits. However, the family bathroom is always the most awkward setup. There is no easy location to put the diaper bag other than on the floor or on top of my poopy child (those little loops on the changing table don’t hold anything). Also, the part that always shocks me, the trash is all the way across the room and usually is an open container. I don’t want my son’s stinky diaper to stink out the next family, but I also don’t want it to stink our your store if I put it in the diaper bag. I also never want to take the chance at a toss across the bathroom to get it in there. So, I’m stuck with diaper bag & dirty diaper trying to redress my toddler so we can all safely discard the diaper before leaving. To put it simply, there is zero flow to your family bathroom.

So, I write this from all moms, please help us out a little bit! Can we get a mega command hook & a diaper genie over there near the changing table?

Thank you.

The mom who can’t throw to save her life.

P.S. My son was within arm’s reach during this adorable photo-op!

Review #34 Philips Avent Anti-colic

Philips Avent Anti-colic

The Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottle was a life saver for my son! This bottle is one of the easiest to clean with only 4 parts including the cap. It also has extra add-on pieces like handles, different flow nipples, sippy cup trainer nipples. The nipple has a built in airflex venting system. Comes in different colors, prints and sizes if you like to change it up. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Top 5 Things moms really want for Mothers Day!

Top 5 Things Moms Really Want for Mothers Day

  1. Sleep! Or just lay in bed all morning sipping coffee without kids climbing all over her. No morning diapers, no screaming kids, no cartoons.
  2. Nice handmade gift from the kids! Not something that took 2 minutes or something that was made at school but something that you made with them special for mom!
  3. Something off her amazon(or whatever her favorite shop is) wishlist. All moms keep these with dreams to own these beautiful things one day. Surprise mom with something she really wants!
  4. A relaxing day as a family.  Yup all day. Dads in charge of nicely keeping the kids from fighting & crying. No chores, No cleaning. Go for a hike, go to the beach, go to the amusement park.  All day, all family.
  5. A trip to the spa and shopping with her mom. Because she became a mom doesn’t mean you can forget that she’s still a daughter. If she’s got a good relationship with her mom, they would love a day to enjoy each other without kids.   

Review #33: Cosco Umbria Stroller

Cosco Umbria Stroller

We purchased this stroller when my daughter was about a year old as an option that would fold up small and fit in my compact car trunk without taking the entire space. It was perfect for what the needed, easy to fold, had a small mesh parent console and a storage basket underneath. This stroller also is lightweight, has a reclining seat and a sun visor for baby!

seat and a sun visor for baby!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review #32: Evriholder Hot Dog Slicer

Evriholder Hot Dog Slicer

Sometimes you need to make feeding fun to get your kids to eat. This is where the Evriholder hot dog slicer comes in! Place the hot dog on the base, then push the dog into place. The slicer safely(no sharp edges) cuts the hot dog into safe sized pieces. Added bonus, the dog's water bottle is perfect for holding your child's favorite dipping sauce. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review #31 Munchkin Multi-Bowls

Munchkin Multi-Bowls

We have been using these Munchkin Multi Bowls for almost 8 years around our house! Not only were they perfect for both babies first solid foods, but they have grown as perfect cereal dishes before elementary shool. Mom & Dad love them for salsa, dips, and small mixing. These have had more than their share of use for years already & years more to come

Friday, April 21, 2017

Review #30: North States Superyard

North States Superyard

Since PJ could walk, he ran. So when our first mobile-spring came I realized we needed something to keep him contained to play outside while I gardened or played soccer with Dawn. Luckily, I found the North States Superyard. This has been wonderfully useful to keep around at all times. We used it in the backyard, then to block off the fireplace in the winter & now we use it to keep the puppy contained away from the kids while cooking. It is easily folded up and moved or stored but sturdy enough to feel comfortable blocking off space from children. Best investment in a very long time!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Top 10 things UNICORN!

This week the world has turned into a magical land filled with glitter and rainbows & UNICORNS! Over on facebook we tried our own Starbucks Unicorn Fraps & raffled off 3 to our followers!  We loved the drinks but since they are only around for a short time, we went on a mission to find 10 "shop small" unicorn products that would last longer than these mystical drinks will be! Here are Dawn & I's top 10!


Now these came in 10th for only one reason.... they wont last forever! They are cookies and that means we are going to eat up every beautiful yummy bit of them. However, how adorable are they? Just looking at them makes my mouth water!

What can I even begin to say about these? They are scented Unicorn Poop Earrings. Ill let them speak for themselves!

This copper and leather unicorn bracelet is as whimsical as the legends. The leather band is cut from upcycled leather. The Unicorn charm is hand etched from a recycled copper plate.

Use Coupon Code: SOCIAL for a discount
This is the perfect birthday invitation for a little girl who is obsessed with unicorns & wants to share her love with the world!

This cloth diaper cover is perfect for any little baby's bum! Fits babies 10-35lbs. Features a beautiful jumping unicorn on the back and prancing unicorns on the front. Snaps to adjustable sizes!

Use Coupon Code: Tukka20 for a discount
This is just too perfect and too adorable! I know this is one of Dawn's favorites from the list, but what 7 year old girl wouldn't want a unicorn headband? 

This magical rainbow unicorn hat is perfect for dress up, cosplay, or any day that just needs an extra touch of magic! 

This wine glass has glitter, unicorns & if it were in my hand it would have wine! What an absolutely perfect combination!

Use Coupon Code: JustMomminAround for a discount
This fun shirt features a rainbow unicorn with the phrase "Chase Your Rainbow" on the front. Sleeves covered in sprinkles will delight your little one! This mystical, magical shirt is sure to be a fast favorite!

It's 16 inches tall. It's crocheted with love. It's soft & snuggly. It's adorable. How can you beat this beautiful stuffed unicorn? It is the top of our list!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review #29: Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

PJ absolutely loved the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker when he was a baby. With vibration and music, as well as overhead toys, this was our savior! It was the only place PJ would sit(and occasionally nap) while I showered, cooked or worked from home. I also love the fact that this seat can either be a rocker or stationary! PJ is two now & still loves using it as a little go-to seat when hanging out in the living room. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review #28: Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center

Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center

When shopping for an Activity Center for PJ I spent a long time research and deciding which to buy. I settled on the Little Tikes Discover and Learn for a few different reasons. One of the first factors I like to see with children's gear is longevity. This product is amazing for longevity. It has multiple heights so grow with you child. When they no longer are interested in being contained, the track, train, train cars & animals can come out to be played with on their own. I also loved the vivid primary colors, as did PJ! Lastly the variety of toys & ease of use was beyond my expectations. PJ could turn and move easily & although he is smaller, he could reach almost everything! I highly suggest the Discover & Learn Activity Center for any parent. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CoCo Key Danvers at DoubleTree Boston North Shore

CoCo Key Danvers at DoubleTree Boston North Shore

I have to start by saying I have been to a CoCo Key before. I went to the old one in Connecticut about 5 years ago, so it had been a while but I had high expectations because I really enjoyed it the first time. This trip it was myself, my mother, my daughter(age 7) my son(age 2) and my nephew(age 12). We stayed in the attached DoubleTree Boston North Shore on a package that included 2 nights and our waterpark passes for 2 days.

First I will discuss the DoubleTree. I worked for hotels for about 5 years so I have pretty high expectations. This hotel went above & beyond. The rooms were immaculately cleaned & beautifully designed. The lobby was stunning, the staff were very helpful & the food from the restaurant was delicious. I had the flatbread pizza, my mother had the steak tips & the children had kids meals. Not a complaint from any of us!

Now for CoCo Key. It was a COLD Massachusetts weekend. The coldest of the year so it was BUSY. Luckily we got there early & got a table with plenty of space for our belonging. Note they do not have high chairs so if you have a little one that may need one I recommend bringing a travel chair with you. There are 5 main sections of the park. The kid's section was aimed for toddlers, they were very strict that no big kids could go down the toddler slides & it was a nice gradual entrance for the little ones. Next was what we call "the island" it was a play center with slides, water canons & a giant bucket that would dump regularly. This was busy but lots of fun for the kids. It was surrounded by a lazy river which was very enjoyable when kids weren't being crazy & pushing. Then there were the 4 big slides. These were covered slides(2 tubes and 2 non) that went outside the building all around & dumped out in an indoor pool. I didn't try it, but the big kids LOVED it. Next there was a pool with basketball hoops & a lilypad course. This was Dawns favorite by far! And lastly, there was the adults only hot tub, that was my favorite! All the areas were pristinely clean and the lifeguards were amazing. They were laser focused on safety. Also in CoCo Key was a bar area & a snack bar. We ate the food there twice(both times it was delicious & affordable) The kids enjoyed some virgin drinks at the bar one day while I was in the room with PJ for his nap.

Overall, I couldn't be more happy with this location. It was an amazing trip, lots of fun & not one complaint about the staff, facilities, etc.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review #27: Mifold

The Mifold backless booster is truly a one of a kind product! This backless booster is so compact that it folds up and can fit in the front pocket of a backpack. This makes it perfect for a child to bring to school if they are going on a play date or getting picked up by a family member. It is also AMAZING for traveling! No checking booster seats or lugging them through the airport. The general idea with this seat is to bring the seat belt down to the child instead of bringing the child up to the car seat. The use is very different from other seats, but once you figure it out, its wonderful!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review #26: Smartbottoms Diaper Cover

Check out PJ's adorable Red Sox Home Opener outfit starring the Abby's Lane exclusive Smartbottoms diaper cover. This is the newest addition to our diaper cover collection. Since PJ was 18 months old he has been a diaper escape artist. We use disposable diapers and PJ would get undressed and pull off his diaper. This led to many many messy situations until a friend lent me a diaper cover to try. 9 months later, we have quite a collection of these adorable prints to go with every item. Added bonus, they help prevent diaper blowouts & leaks onto clothing! 

Shirt from:
Jeans from:

Monday, April 3, 2017

Top 5 Cleaning Necessities for Moms!

#5 Swiffer WetJet- Somehow chidren seem to get floors dirty just by looking at them. Swiffer is a quick & easy way to get things cleaned up in a hurry. It sprays perfectly & seems to lift the dirt from the ground! Best of all, no buckets of dirty water!

#4 Clorox Bleach – Yup the food old fashioned bleach. You will use it more than you ever thought possible. Every sickness that comes through your house will leave you wanting to bleach your world!

#3 Lysol Wipes – Once a child is about 3 years old they can start helping clean and Lysol wipes put them to good use. My daughter has always loved washing down the tables, counters & whatever she could reach! No pesky spray to worry about her trying to use. Lysol wipes for the win!

#2 Bissell Deep Clean Essential Carpet Cleaning System – This Carpet Cleaner is amazing! It is quick to use, easy to transport up & down stairs and comes with all the extensions, nozzles and heads you could need to get things clean. All parents know that children eventually will do there 3 things to your floors: spill on them, pee on them and puke on them. Keeping a carpet cleaner in the house makes everything so much easier!
****Use the carpet cleaner with Babyganics Floor Cleaner to avoid harsh chemicals in some other cleaners!

#1 Magic Erasers – Child write on the wall? Magic Eraser! Toy got dirty? Magic Eraser! Stain on the vanity? Magic Eraser! If a child can draw or it or dirty it, the magic eraser can usually save you!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Review #25: Graco LiteRider

We got the Graco LiteRider Stroller from my grandparents when PJ was a newborn. I loved that it was a Click Connect Stroller, therefore I could use it with our infant car seat. It has been very sturdy and held up on many vacations, soccer games and bus stop walks! It has a child's tray, spacious basket, parents tray(with cup holder), and a one hand fold! Over 2 years of using it regularly and its still one of my go-to strollers!

PJ at Edaville USA in is Graco LiteRider