Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review #26: Smartbottoms Diaper Cover

Check out PJ's adorable Red Sox Home Opener outfit starring the Abby's Lane exclusive Smartbottoms diaper cover. This is the newest addition to our diaper cover collection. Since PJ was 18 months old he has been a diaper escape artist. We use disposable diapers and PJ would get undressed and pull off his diaper. This led to many many messy situations until a friend lent me a diaper cover to try. 9 months later, we have quite a collection of these adorable prints to go with every item. Added bonus, they help prevent diaper blowouts & leaks onto clothing! 

Shirt from: www.instagram.com/ourfiveloves
Jeans from: www.instagram.com/curlyqscounter

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