Friday, April 28, 2017

Our Love Letter to Target

Dear Target,

Like most moms, I am in love with your store. From the Starbucks, to the big red balls, cartwheel, the red card, the pristine cleanliness, the floor game near children’s clothing and the amazing products, you have won me and my kids over. A trip to target is like a weekly field trip. I have my cartwheel loaded & my list written and somehow I always buy way more than I intended. However, I have one giant request, on behalf of moms everywhere; please please please revamp the family bathrooms!

Since Target is one of the cleanest stores out there, and I’m usually there for over an hour, we tend to have to do a diaper change or a potty break during most visits. However, the family bathroom is always the most awkward setup. There is no easy location to put the diaper bag other than on the floor or on top of my poopy child (those little loops on the changing table don’t hold anything). Also, the part that always shocks me, the trash is all the way across the room and usually is an open container. I don’t want my son’s stinky diaper to stink out the next family, but I also don’t want it to stink our your store if I put it in the diaper bag. I also never want to take the chance at a toss across the bathroom to get it in there. So, I’m stuck with diaper bag & dirty diaper trying to redress my toddler so we can all safely discard the diaper before leaving. To put it simply, there is zero flow to your family bathroom.

So, I write this from all moms, please help us out a little bit! Can we get a mega command hook & a diaper genie over there near the changing table?

Thank you.

The mom who can’t throw to save her life.

P.S. My son was within arm’s reach during this adorable photo-op!