Thursday, April 20, 2017

Top 10 things UNICORN!

This week the world has turned into a magical land filled with glitter and rainbows & UNICORNS! Over on facebook we tried our own Starbucks Unicorn Fraps & raffled off 3 to our followers!  We loved the drinks but since they are only around for a short time, we went on a mission to find 10 "shop small" unicorn products that would last longer than these mystical drinks will be! Here are Dawn & I's top 10!


Now these came in 10th for only one reason.... they wont last forever! They are cookies and that means we are going to eat up every beautiful yummy bit of them. However, how adorable are they? Just looking at them makes my mouth water!

What can I even begin to say about these? They are scented Unicorn Poop Earrings. Ill let them speak for themselves!

This copper and leather unicorn bracelet is as whimsical as the legends. The leather band is cut from upcycled leather. The Unicorn charm is hand etched from a recycled copper plate.

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This is the perfect birthday invitation for a little girl who is obsessed with unicorns & wants to share her love with the world!

This cloth diaper cover is perfect for any little baby's bum! Fits babies 10-35lbs. Features a beautiful jumping unicorn on the back and prancing unicorns on the front. Snaps to adjustable sizes!

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This is just too perfect and too adorable! I know this is one of Dawn's favorites from the list, but what 7 year old girl wouldn't want a unicorn headband? 

This magical rainbow unicorn hat is perfect for dress up, cosplay, or any day that just needs an extra touch of magic! 

This wine glass has glitter, unicorns & if it were in my hand it would have wine! What an absolutely perfect combination!

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This fun shirt features a rainbow unicorn with the phrase "Chase Your Rainbow" on the front. Sleeves covered in sprinkles will delight your little one! This mystical, magical shirt is sure to be a fast favorite!

It's 16 inches tall. It's crocheted with love. It's soft & snuggly. It's adorable. How can you beat this beautiful stuffed unicorn? It is the top of our list!