Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Review #121: Huggies Little Swimmers

Huggies Little Swimmers

Before we discovered reusable swim diapers, we always used Huggies little swimmers. I like to keep them around in the event that our reusable swim diapers may not be available. They are easy to put on, lightweight, affordable, and we have never had a leak. However, the only way to get them off when wet is by tearing the sides which is not always easy with a wiggly toddler who doesn't want to cooperate. Overall they are the best disposable swim diapers we have found but are definitely just a backup plan to reusable ones. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Review #119: Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer

When I was pregnant with my first a good friend gifted up this Wipes Warmer. My first child was born in July and although we hardly ever used the warming function, we did love having the nice durable container to hold the wipes. When we were setting up a nursery for our second child I pulled the warmer out and my husband just happened to plug it in. For our January baby(in freezing cold New England weather) that warming function was much appreciated. I also loved the subtle green nightlight. We have used this wipes warmer for over 6 years and its still in great condition, never had any issues opening or coming off the hinges. I will be happy to pass it on to another family to enjoy once we have finished using it because it really is a great extra convenience!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review #118: Baby Greeters Bandana Bibs

Baby Greeters Bandana Bibs
Baby Greeters Bandana Bibs are not only stylish but they are also wonderful for drooly teething babies. They are made with a designer cotton outer layer and the backside is made of super soft organic Bamboo Terry Cloth. I loved that my son could still look stylish while avoiding getting drool all over his clothes!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Review #117: Desitin


Typically we try to cure diaper rashes with natural solutions however PJ had the worse diaper rash I have even seen last week. It was terrible and nothing on our changing table was fixing it. My mother came over with some Desitin for us to try, as my sister-in-law uses it on my nephew and she insisted we try. Although the smell is chemical, it did its job well and fast. We put it on my son at 8pm when he went to bed and by morning that pesky diaper rash was gone. Although this still will not be my first choice, it is something that we will definitely keep around for anything that the natural solutions cannot seem to fix.