Sunday, June 25, 2017

Review #65: Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube

The Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube is an awesome all-around toy. All 4 sides and the top are developed to be fully useable. This cube includes 13 double-sided blocks, featuring all 26 letters. The cubes are stackable and nestle into the top of the cube, they are also easily stored via a happy faced storage side of the cube. On a second side of the cube, there is a spot to place the letter where it will read the letter & the sound. This side also features a play phone and interactive buttons. The third side is a drop down maze which the letter blocks can fall through. The last side has gears that turn, doors that open, things to slide and a mirror. This is a wonderfully well-rounded toy to keep any toddler or preschooler entertained.