Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Read Across America Week- Sneetches Costume

To celebrate Read Across America Day(aka Dr Seuss Day), Dawn's school is doing a fun spirit week. One of the favorite days every year is "Dress like your favorite Dr Seuss Character Day" and this year she decided she wanted to be a sneetch! The sneetches story is much less known than the original classics.

The Sneetches was written during the civil rights movement and has a theme of "us vs them" I feel it's a bit ironic that Dawn chose this character to portray in 2017 when our country is full of us vs them protests and trying to reunite as one. So aside from my little history lesson tied to the sneetches story. Here is how I created Dawn's adorable Sneetches costume.

To make our Sneetch Costume I purchased a yellow shirt/dress and yellow leggings to make the basic outfit. Then I purchased 2 sheets of white adhesive-backed felt and 1 sheet of green adhesive backed felt from my local craft store as well as a feather hair clip.

I created this pattern for the star & this pattern for the neck feathers. Use these patterns to cut the felt.

I then had her try on the dress & we added the star right on her belly first! After removing the dress & laying it flat on the table, I laid down the feathers from left to right, only peeling the adhesive 1/4-1/2 way down so they would stick out a little bit on the ends.

Today it was a bit cold out so Dawn wore a white long sleeve shirt underneath. I put her hair in a high pony-tail and added the feathers on the top of her head!

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