Friday, March 24, 2017

A letter to my child’s teacher/principal/babysitter/daycare

To my child’s teacher/principal/babysitter/daycare,

When I first met you a thousand questions went through my head. Will she appreciate her humor? Will she understand his subtle whines? Will she have the patience for her strong will? Will she encourage him to be more independent? But the biggest question of all, Will she truly care about my baby? So as I asked you all those menial questions and described her learning style(or his sleep schedule), please realize I was trying to find inner comfort, trying to grasp for the feeling of a connection, trying to reassure myself that one of the most important people in my life would be happy in your care.
The first day my child spent with you I was nervous. Not because I don’t trust you(if you’re caring for my child you’ve already earned my trust) but because I am a mother and it’s my job to be nervous. I promise you I shed a few tears. Dawn is in 2nd grade now and there has yet to be a “first day” that I don’t cry and want to go get her. I spent my entire day wondering what you both were doing, how you both felt, and most importantly how your personalities were meshing. I thought about you during that time just as much, if not more, than my baby. Then when my little bundle was back in my arms I hardly heard half the words said, I was just so relieved that my child was happy and safe.
Then over the next few weeks I heard stories, cherished art projects, saw my child grow, and the nervousness went away. With every day that my child was happy to go to you, I relaxed a little more. I knew you cared, I knew they were happy, I knew they felt safe. Then there was that first time my child came home sick or hurt.  I didn’t feel upset, to the contrary, I was thankful. Thankful that you held her hand & checked in on her during the day. Thankful you ate your lunch while holding my baby slept in your arms. Thankful that you kept an extra eye on my little one in my absence.
Parents may not say it much, but Thank you. Thank you for wiping away their tears. Thank you for encouraging them. Thank you for keeping them in line. Thank you for teaching them to be contributing members of society. Thank you for making mother’s day cards. Thank you for building their confidence. Thank you for getting in touch with me if you think something may be wrong. Thank you for helping them make a new friend. Thank you for the extra big smiley face on their first perfect spelling test. Thank you for everything that isn’t part of your “job” but makes you the amazing person you are. Thank you for caring about my baby. Thank you for realizing, to me, they are the entire world.  So when you wake up tomorrow and head to work please realize that you are appreciated.  I cannot say thank you enough!


Every Mother

This letter is dedicated to the amazing teachers/principals/babysitters/daycare providers of my Dawn Elizabeth & Peter Justen. Verissa, Sami, Mrs Malouin, Ms Brown, Ms Shaw, Mrs Concanon, Ms Corcoran, and every other teacher that has touched their lives & will in the future. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

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