Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Review #100: Sage Spoonfuls Reusable Food Pouch

Sage Spoonfuls Reusable Food Pouch
We were so excited to get these reusable food pouches from Sage Spoonfuls and the Guidance Guide last week! It has been crazy hot here over the last week so we made some fruit slushies to help keep my son cool. To say he loved them is an understatement. The pouch was easy for him to hold, even right out of the freezer. There are two tabs on the top corners that do not affect the contents when being held. It was very easy to fill, with a strong zipper-like closure. They are even dishwasher safe, so we were able to toss them in for a quick clean. Overall, they are wonderful products we are happy to use again and again!

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