Thursday, August 10, 2017

Make your own travel Babyproofing Kit

After years and years of traveling with kids I realized something that should have been very obvious. Hotels have the same dangers as your house. So I started traveling with a DIY babyproofing kit made out of extra items we had hanging around the house.

What our kit consists of:
#1 A good bag
. We have found the BabyGreeters Diaper Clutch is a perfect size to hold everything we need!
#2 Socket plugs. All those electrical outlets that hotels install for all our electronics are dangerous. Plug them up safely!
#3 Painters tape. This one was a long time coming. Painters tape is strong but not too strong. A quick strip across the closed door or a drawer will help keep it closed & the tape will not destroy the paint or the furniture.
#4 Knob covers Use them for bathroom doors or possibly even closets. Sometimes we need them sometimes we dont, thats okay.
#5 Hair ties There are so many uses for hair ties! Shorten cords. Tie up blind strings. Whatever you may need them for
#6 Cabinet latches  We have used these for dresser drawers and closet doors. Little ones can rarely open two drawers at once & its a great help.

Each family will need different things based on their child and where they are going. Overall, remember to think ahead, what dangers what be waiting for you?

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  1. This is SUCH a fab idea! thought about doing this several times but never quite did - am SO glad you write this post!


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