Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tips to survive being a work at home mom!

My daughter was in kindergarten when my second child was born. At the time of his birth, my husband worked on ships and would be away for months at a time. During the pregnancy, I realized there wasn’t much of an option for me to go back to work full-time in my current position.  Toward the end of my pregnancy as well as during my maternity leave, I started the hunt for a work at home job, which would allow me to cut back on childcare expenses while still bringing in some income. I found a wonderful job, where I have been for 2 years. With the help of grandparents who watch my son(and daughter during school vacations) during some of my work hours, I have been able to continuously work with minimal childcare expense. However, my sanity is not always so lucky. There is a lot to do, a lack of adult interaction, and a large amount of self-control necessary to get everything done. Here are some of my top tricks of surviving life as a stay at home mom.

#1: Make time to get outside!
Especially when the weather is nice, I try to find time every day to go for a walk or to a playground. It gets the kid’s energy out while the sun rejuvenates me. During the school year, it may just be a walk to the bus stop, but its fresh air!

#2: Join a playgroup or schedule playdates!
If nothing else, this helps you connect with humans outside of your family. Although my son either screams or cries through most of the playgroup, we keep going back for everyone’s sanity.

#3: Buy toys that encourage self-play!
A few of our favorites are PJ’s train sets, the code-a-pillar, and his fisher price cars Speedway.

#4: Naptime is golden time! 
Naps happen on a steady schedule and it is when I get the majority of my work completed. I have taken an increased interest in making sure naps are consistent always with a MAM pacifier & a Tula Blanket. These tools help him know it is most certainly nap time.  

#5: Make lunchtime simple!
I don’t have time to cook up hot lunches while working. Lunch always consists of 3 items. Cut up fruit and cheese are a consistent two on the plate. For the third, I use leftovers from last night’s dinner! Always served on a replay plate with a replay no spill cup.  

These are just a few of my top tips about being a work at home mom. There are plenty more “parenting hacks” that I use on a daily basis to survive!

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