Monday, February 13, 2017

List of 10 things to have ready after you have a baby!

So this list isn't going to be your typical baby list. This is the nitty gritty stuff. The stuff no one told you to get & you send your partner running to the store for about an hour after your get home with that beautiful new baby. These aren't things that are on registries or given as baby shower gifts. But these things are by far, what you want THE MOST after having a baby(or at least were for me- or would have been if they were around)

If you're looking for my list of "Go to newborn items" or "best items for baby's first 2 years" They are coming soon & I'll link it here once it's up :)

#1. Breast Pads.... even if you aren't going to breastfeed. Breast Pads & lots of them! Boobs leak, a lot.
#2. New Grannie Panty Undies that you don't care about at all. Some will get tossed after first use and that's okay.
#3. Extra sheets for your bed. Not just 1 set for laundry day because with a new baby laundry day will not happen always when your bed is dirty and things are going to happen to your bed. Baby will puke, you might leak(from multiple locations) it's okay, its natural. Just be ready to swap the sheets often.
#4. Pain meds. Now this is a tricky subject if your breastfeeding so talk to your lactation consultant & your Obgyn but it never hurts to have pain meds on hand.
#5. Stool Softeners. Just trust me... buy them before you have the baby & just have them on hand.
#6. Touch lights. This is my tried & true trick. When PJ was a newborn, I had them everywhere! On my nightstand, on his changing table, EVERYWHERE. The light is super soft & they are able to be brought wherever you need to be but they won't wake up the whole house.
#7. Pads of all shapes, sizes & varieties.
#8. Fridet by NoseFrida. I didn't have one of these with either of my kids, I used the old water bottle trick, but this thing would have been much better than trying to get in an odd position to squirt a water bottle upside down in the bathroom at my in-laws less than 2 weeks after having a baby.
#9. Receiving blankets. These actually are probably gifted to you, but we used about 20 a day. Baby puke, spilled formula, leaking boob, crying mom..... all can be mopped up with a receiving blanket.
 #10. No expectations. Honestly, the more open you are about parenting those first few days & weeks, the easier it will be. I went into my first will all kinds of expectations about what I wanted & how my baby would be. But shes a person(and now at 7 years old she's very very strong willed one). She had her own wants & needs & ideas from the moment she was born. It will be much easier on all involved if you go with the flow & ask for help if you need it!

Dawn Elizabeth 7.18.2009

Peter Justen 1.6.2015